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Break out of the rutine,
start your day with a surprise!
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A Revolutionary offer

Our alarm clocks are videos uploaded by users aimmed to wake you up


How it works?

Download it and set an alarma. Every time a different video will sound


... and totally free

WakenApp is a totally free app and doesn´t include ads banners


A new concept in the way your mobile alerts you

WakenApp revolutionizes your mornings and wakes you up with a different video each time your alarm sounds. Join our community of Wakers, record your video and upload it to WakenApp to cheer up other users.

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Follow the simple steps of the video tutorial to get the most out of WakenApp and start enjoying all the benefits that the Waken community offers you.

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You have several options to do so and you only need to register the first time you use your app.

Upload your own videos

WakenApp allows you to upload a video stored on your smartphone or to record it with its integrated camera. Upload the videos you want and wake up other members of the Waken community.

What kind of video would you like?

Set up what kind of video you want to wake you up. Music videos, humor, pets, men, women, ...

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To stop the alarm you will have to rate each video, thus we generate our world ranking chart that can be visited in the section Top 30 of our web

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