WakenApp - How the social video alarm clock for Android and IOS works

Set up an run WakenApp on Android and IOS

 Registering in the Waken community

User register

user register in wakenapp community

The first time you download WakenApp you must register as user to start using the app.

Configure User Profile

configure user profile

Complete your user profile. This will match the video alarm clock information between users.

Configure Privacy

configure user privacy profile wakenapp

Then you must configure the privacy of your Waken profile indicating which social networking profiles links do you want to show in your uploaded videos.

Upload Video Clock Alarm

original upload video to wakenapp

Upload the video alarm clock you want to share with the Waken community.

 Set up an alarm in the video clock alarm

Set the date Alarm

set date and time of the alarm clock

What time do you want to be awakened? Set the date and time of your alarm clock.

Video preferences

configure preferences of the vídeo

Set what kind of video you want to be awakened. You can choose gender, language, age, etc.

Waking up with a video!

wake up in a different way

Start your day in a different way!!!, your video alarm clock will start playing a video loop, upload by other users, until you stop it.

Video voting

vote video

Once you have been awakened you have to vote the video alarm from 1 to 4 stars. It will develop the global video alarm ranking and we ll find the winner of our contest.

Legal Notice - Cookie Policy

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